• Location:

    Melbourne, Victoria
  • Industry:

    Commercial Offices
  • Services:

    Design & Construct
  • Size:

  • Sector:

    Spec Suites, Make Goods & Lobby Upgrades
Project Highlights
  • Unique & Intelligent Design Strategies
  • Live Environment Works
  • Intricate Staging Strategy to Keep Building Operational
  • 90% Landfill Diversion

Enticing Tenants
Through Creativity

The six AMP Capital spec suites were distributed across three floors, with the entire project spanning across eleven floor plates. Situated in outer Melbourne CBD, works included lift lobby refurbishment, make goods, ground floor waiting lobby and developing a set of unique spec suites that appealed to a pandemic-effected economy.

Each spec suite encompassed its own unique personality; Black Pepper, Burnt Ember, Bergamot, Blue Jasmine and Fig. These concepts balance boldness with versatility toward its future occupant. Stimulating and vibrant environments that are conducive to creativity, collaboration and sharing ideas – offering difference and inspiration to its user. By instilling a sense of excitement and boldness through each suite; we can connect with a variety of potential business personalities.

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